Women Who Make

We have two options for participation at this event!

LED Holiday Decoration Workshop 

If you’d like to participate in the LED Holiday Decoration workshop happening during our event, please purchase your supply kit here.

At this workshop, you’ll learn how to make your own light-up holiday ornament or small decoration. Design your own or use one of our examples for inspiration. We’ve created a simple instruction booklet to walk you through wiring up your LED (we promise, it’s pretty easy) and we’ll have mentors on hand to help you with any questions.

The workshop fee is $10 and covers the cost of materials. You’ll receive one battery pack, one battery, up to 5 white LEDs, and conductive thread. We’ll also have felt, scissors, thread, needles and art supplies on hand so you can design and decorate your creation!

Browse our Pinterest board for ideas

Hack Your Own Project

If you’re into crafting and/or electronics (and especially the combination of the two), stop by to join in the fun! Whether you’re an experienced maker or just beginning to dabble, this is a welcoming and inclusive place where you can collaborate, get creative and seek support from other members.

Note: We’ll be meeting in the main kitchen area, and you’re welcome to bring food and beverages.

Our Location Sponsor

Prime Digital Academy is generously allowing us to use their space each month. We very much appreciate their support.

Our Products Sponsor

Particle generously donated some of their products to our group, so attendees are welcome and encouraged to use/learn about their products during our sessions. 

Who Can Attend?

This group is open to all people who identify as women or non-binary. Our goal is to provide a safe and welcoming space for our members to connect and learn.

WWCodeTC Code of Conduct

Women Who Code events are inclusive to all people who may identify as women — we welcome trans and non-binary members of our community. We’re currently working on creating a specific Code of Conduct for our group, but in the meantime, this one lines up with our thoughts pretty nicely.

 Women Who Make