Augmented and Virtual Reality at Best Buy


Augmented and virtual reality have been some of the most talked about technologies this past year. We decided to showcase the various technologies that are on the market (or soon to be released) in this space.

We had around 40 members attend this event on September 21, 2016.

Playstation 4 VR

Tracy from Sony/Playstation was on site to give us a demo of the (now-released) Sony Playstation VR.

Tracy from Sony talks about Playstation VR Women demo Sony Playstation 4 VR

Oculus Rift

Mike Dockerty from the Nerdery gave demos of his personal Oculus Rift setup.

Women demo Oculus Rift

Wayfair app on Project Tango

Wayfair graciously donated a Project Tango device so we could demo their furniture app.

Women demo Project Tango

Samsung Gear VR

WWCodeTC member Lisa showed off her Samsung Gear VR game.

Women demo Samsung Gear VR

Google Cardboard

We had several Cardboard devices available for our members to demo. Members

Women demo Google Cardboard

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We’d like to take a moment to thank our sponsors and volunteers for this event.

Thanks to Best Buy for providing the event space and food/drinks!

Best Buy Logo

Thanks to Wayfair for donating their Project Tango device to our local community!

Wayfair Logo

Thanks to Tracy and Sony for allowing us to demo the Playstation 4 VR.

Sony Logo

Thanks to Mike and Lisa for giving us demos of their games and devices!


 Augmented and Virtual Reality at Best Buy

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